The Tile Project

Transculture Exchange
22 countries (USA-Vietnam-France, Romenia, Bosnia….)


The Tile Project: Destination, the World
2003-2006 in 22 countries
Duyen Nguyen has been the contact artist who developed Tile Project in Vietnam.
…The need for enduring symbols of peace and cross-cultural understanding cannot be overstated during these conflicted times. This need is not one that can be gauged quantitatively, but must be primarily assessed with the heart and mind together. …
…We aim to affirm the hope that people of the world can cross superficial boundaries and work in unison towards peace, regardless of nationality, race, gender or age…
It is our belief that long after the last tile projects have been installed and the last forums have been completed, the spirit and artistic value of “The Tile Project” will resonatazaze loudly amongst individuals and their communities around the world. See us at: