Colors Of Time

December, 2003186
Gallery Vietnam
New York


Colors of time
Time going on like a river keeps flowing and flowing and never comes back. It slips over nature, objects and human as an invisible current. Talking about time is not only expressing a conception about the existence of objectives in the Earth but also raising tunes of a nostalgic song.
How time can be seen and can be felt in this world? For years, it is a popular subject matter of poets, literature, music and painting. Its presence has described through various imageries of flowers of the spring, sunshine of the summer, moonlight of autumn, white snow of winter and so on. Time has no figure and shape but it plays the nostalgic lyrics through mossy color of old walls, brownish patches on wooden columns, pale pinkish petals of flowers etc.
The Colors of time is a play of lights and colors in which objects are animated by moving and glimpsing orch and brown. Nature can find her ages through different greenish tones. Various corners of life converge around the last yellowish sun lights. The colors, one to another, play the continuing harmony of the lyric of time.