Since 2004 Saigon Art Academy (SAA)has known as the most popular Children Art Workshop (Lớp Vẽ Thiếu Nhi) in Little Saigon. Artists Duyen Nguyen, founder and Director of SAA together with friends are dedicated to offering art lessons at all levels an opportunity to fulfill their individual creative goals under the instruction of highly trained and experienced instructors. Saigon Art Academy offers our art students a noncompetive creative environment in which everyone builds up their basics and learn to enrich self-esteem through creative expression.We provide art instruction in various level classes for children, teen, and adults. Additionally, private art lessons are available. Besides in-house art classes, SAA holds many social art activities included exhibitions, public art lessons, field trips, and competition. SAA offers students opptunities to practice as professional artists and enjoy community art events.